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Why Choose A Golden Rule Funeral Home?

A Sense of Purpose

By the 1920's funeral homes were no longer located at the back of furniture stores and livery stables. They had established themselves as viable members of the business community. Yet, the public had no method for determining a firm's reliability or quality of service.

So, in 1928 a group of funeral directors, concerned with identifying and honoring outstanding funeral firms throughout North America and beyond, formed The International Order of the Golden Rule. This group, commonly known as OGR, embarked on a mission to seek out, by means of a carefully devised screening process, dependable, ethical funeral homes in every community and to establish a quality identity for those firms in the minds of families they served.

A Standard of Quality

Today, members span the globe but adhere to one basic set of principles that guide their practices and conduct.

Not just any funeral home can be a member of the Order of the Golden Rule. OGR is highly selective, accepting only those funeral homes demonstrating their commitment to funeral service through dedication to their community's needs and is family owned.

First, a funeral home must show that its business practices and professional ethics are sound. It must offer fair and reasonable prices for dignified, caring service. Facilities, equipment, and business practices must be inspected and reviewed. Area community members provide opinions about the firm and its service. Each member firm must be worthy of your trust.

Finally, the firm must receive favorable recommendations from other area Gold Rule funeral homes to help ensure each and every Golden Rule member believes in and provides the high standards to which it subscribes. The process is lengthy but assures OGR and the public that members are professionals with the highest standards of conduct. Once a funeral home becomes a member, it must continue to provide quality service to retain its membership. Continual monitoring of families' evaluations and satisfaction assures these standards are met.

A World of Support

What you can expect from a Golden Rule funeral home is help before, during, and after a time of need. Families often find a Gold Rule funeral home does more than expected. You can count on a Golden Rule funeral home to provide the following:

  • Be sensitive to a family's emotional and financial needs;
  • Offer a range of professional services;
  • Make every effort to accommodate a family's requests;
  • Assist in gathering information for the death certificate, and other important documents such as insurance policies, etc.;
  • Make any necessary arrangements requiring the services of a coroner or medical examiner;
  • Help make arrangements in a distant community if needed;
  • Assist in making funeral arrangements in advance;
  • Honor prepaid, prearranged funerals from other OGR members taking part in its exclusive Preneed Exchange Program.

A Quest for Excellence

Your Golden Rule funeral home's professional staff understands and appreciates that the funeral service you select is an individual expression and tribute to your loved one. The funeral director is willing to work with you regardless of your religious beliefs or personal preferences. Caring, compassionate service and adhering to the Golden Rule"Do unto others as you would have others do unto you"are distinguishing qualities of Golden Rule funeral homes. That understanding and respect are among the many reasons to turn to us,R Lee Williams and Son Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc.,your Golden Rule funeral home.

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