R. Lee Williams & Son Funeral Home and Crematory



A life celebrated memorial candle with a wide variety of backgrounds features a color photograph of your loved one, as well as their name and date of death. Please call for prices.


Solid wood flag cases are available in Oak, Cherry or Walnut and feature the Presidential Seal of the United States of America on beveled glass. Please call for prices.


Everlasting Impressions are keepsakes that allow you to remember the one who has passed in a truly unique and powerful way-with a tangible imprint that captures the unique impression every life makes on our own. Captured from an inked fingerprint, handprint, or footprint, each one is both unique and everlasting preserving in precious metal every line and contour for generations to come. Available in Sterling Silver as well as 14 kt. Yellow or White Gold. Includes engraving on the back (up to three lines). Available with 18 chains with birthstones or genuine diamond set. Please call for prices.

When someone we love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. Those who touch our lives stay in our hearts forever...